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Our Virtual Agent revolutionises lead capture, qualification, retention, engagement, and nurturing. Agencies large and small are seeing increased activity leading to more sales.

Features include:

Branded iOS, Android, Mac & PC App

Access to over 35,000+ Global Listings

Automated lead management with auto-invite

Buyer profiling, Automated alerts, Recomendations & more.

Confidently dominate your market with our Virtual Agent.

The Agents Struggle….

Through no fault of their own, agents have become dependent on the multi-listing sites. marketing properties online becomes almost mandatory & a strain on costs. unfortunately your engagement rate stays the same, yet you keep paying each month in fear of losing leads to your competitors.

Research Shows

For every 100 prospects generated


Agents Speak to around 10-30% of those prospects


Then ONLY convert between 1-5%


With our virtual agent, agents are engaging with up to 100% of their inquiries and more through passive lead generation.

The Buyers Struggle….

In the real estate industry, buyers often face challenges when enquiring about properties. They might reach out to multiple agencies, interacting with various listings, only to receive a handful of responses, sometimes delayed by days or even weeks.

This gap in communication leads to missed opportunities and a disconnect between buyers and agents.

9 times out of 10, a client's initial enquiry is not for the property they purchase.

On average, clients take 2-8 months to find their perfect property.

Agents have physical communication with 10-30% of generated leads each month

Bridging The Gap…

Our Revolutionary "Auto Invite" feature combined with a “Virtual Agent” takes lead response and management to the new level. Guarantee that every enquiry you receive will have immediate contact with your agency through email and/or SMS. Our Platform automatically guides buyers to your custom branded app, taking the pressure off agents and providing a way to handle with clients, any time anywhere.

Auto-Invite streamlines the initial contact process, allowing agents to focus on meaningful interactions with assured knowledge that the client has already been contacted. Thus, leveraging technology like the auto invite feature enhances responsiveness but also fosters a deeper connection and loyalty to your brand, positioning your business as a responsive and customer-focused leader in the real estate market.

Regardless of its origin, every potential client has the opportunity to install your app.

Guarantee your buyers an effortless user experience that matches the convenience and familiarity they've grown accustomed to from top portals and social media platforms.

How Does It Work?

We “lease” each estate agency their OWN branded, cross-platform app (iOS, Android, Mac & PC) known as a “Virtual Agent”.
Each “Virtual Agent” is personalised with the agency's distinct identity, including its name, emblematic branding, and property listings.


€399 Setup Fee €169 Per Month

€99 Per Month

Simply fill in the form, then our system handles the rest for you. Create your branded app today and start enjoying improved results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can all my leads immediately install my app (virtual agent) no matter time or day?
Yes, through our auto invite

On any device, in any country?
Yes, unlike native apps.

Are there multiple languages?
Yes, 21.

Does the app come with properties?
Yes, tens of thousands of global properties.

Will the virtual agent provide me with client activity?
Yes, even if there is no physical communication.

Can it send automated and personal recommendations?
Yes, based on the clients' searches.

Can we send alerts?
Yes, email, SMS, and push notifications.

Choose a plan that's right for you.

Monthly Yearly Save 25%
Save 25% on Yearly Plans

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Virtual Agent

Our Virtual Agent Is Suitable for all types of Estate Agents

  • Branded iOS, Android, Mac & PC App
  • Access to over 35,000+ Global Listings
  • Automated lead management with auto-invite
  • Buyer profiling, Automated alerts, Recomendations & more.

The Results Speak For Themselves...

5 Extra Sales
in Just One Month!

Initiation Date with the App: October 2021

In the competitive world of real estate, many agents keep their cards close to their chest, rarely showcasing their sales triumphs. The rationale? The looming shadows of competitors eager to decode their successful strategies.

Test Case: goldacre estates logo View Full Case Study

You Don't have to change the way you work

Our Virtual Agent Connects & Integrates to 1000's of Apps

  • CRM Integration
  • Email & Message integration
  • Custom Automation

Discover How Our Virtual Agent Will Work For Your Agency

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